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APAC Conventions

Marketing Specialist

ענת מבורך מנהלת שיווק
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ענת מבורך מנהלת שיווק
ענת מבורך מנהלת שיווק


Anat Marketing

Are you a CEO or CMO gearing up for an important exhibition in Asia?


Do you wish to maximise your presence at the event while minimising costs and logistical headaches?

Grab your on-the-ground support for corporate exhibitors in Asia. With a deep understanding of the local market nuances, cultural sensitivities, and business practices, I ensure that your booth stands out and resonates effectively with your target audience.

8 Reasons for Israeli Exhibitors at (APAC)
Benefit from an APAC located Marketer


Cultural Understanding

Relationship Building

Navigating Regulations

Budget Saving

Real-time Responsiveness

Maximize engagement impact

Crisis Management and Reputation Protection

Facilitating Cross-cultural  Collaboration

It's time to ensure onsite presence  for Exhibitions Lead Generation 


Events Marketing

Welcome to your local expertise and on-the-ground support for your next conference in Asia.

With a deep understanding of APAC market dynamics, cultural nuances, and language proficiency, I am your dedicated marketing specialist based in Thailand

ready to supervise your exhibition booths with meticulous attention to detail and strategic finesse.


While you focus on high-level strategic planning and coordination, I ensure seamless execution of marketing initiatives, real-time responsiveness to market trends, and proactive management of the exhibition booth.


My local presence enables efficient navigation of regulations, relationship-building and adaptation of marketing strategies to resonate with APAC audiences, all while maximizing brand visibility and business opportunities in the region.


Together, we'll make our mark in the APAC market with unparalleled impact and success.


What will we DO

ענת מבורך מנהלת שיווק

Pre-Event Planning and Coordination

Working close with your team to understand your objectives, target audience, and branding guidelines.

Our experts handle all aspects of booth design, setup, and logistics, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience for you.

Tailored Marketing Strategies

Leveraging our local expertise, we develop customised marketing strategies to attract and engage attendees, driving traffic to your booth and maximizing your ROI.

Networking and Relationship Building

Our team actively networks with industry stakeholders, facilitating valuable connections and opportunities for collaboration and business growth

Post-Event Follow-Up and Analysis

We don't stop when the event ends – we assist with lead nurturing and follow-up, ensuring that your investment continues to yield results long after the exhibition concludes.

Expected outcomes from the program


Market Expansion

Brand Authority

Competitive Advantage

Lead Generation

Product or Service Promotion

ROI (Return on Investment)


Brand Visibility

Networking Opportunities

Customer Engagement



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