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Anat Mevorach
Marketing Specialist

ענת מבורך מנהלת שיווק
ענת מבורך מנהלת שיווק
ענת מבורך מנהלת שיווק
ענת מבורך מנהלת שיווק


Anat Marketing

I'm Anat, a Digital and Marketing communications specialist since 2009
I live and breathe marketing and advertising with extensive experience in a variety of fields and industries such as the capital market, technology, high-tech, productions and communications. In 2019 I established a social media department at a leading digital agency in Israel. I continued to lead all the social channels of the Partner company
Today I work with organisations and businesses that strive to refine their 'story', shout it out on the various digital channels, touch the exact audience for them and reach the goals they set
I'm here to be your companion

.For you, and your brand’s success

Common pain points in Small/Medium Business        

Non converting websites

Weak customer retention

Selling instead of providing value

Unclear messaging

Real Time marketing daily plan

Decreasing Income

Negative past experience with advertising

Real Time marketing daily plan

It's time to ensure online presence  for performance and user experience 

8 weeks program

Designed to kick-start your marketing channels
and create a clear funnel and working plan

"I got no time or knowledge about how to get my marketing going"

is always how my intro calls with business owners sound like.

It's fine! It really is. Your job is to run your business and develop it just like you always dreamed of.

My job is to show you simple and efficient workflows to go by and create your automated marketing.

What will we DO

ענת מבורך מנהלת שיווק

Channels and platforms suited for your business

Email Marketing and Automations

CRM and Data Driven descisions

Sales Funnel

Customer Journey from A- Z

Unique selling point

Industry Trends


Business Strengths and Weakness


Offered Strategy

Expected outcomes from the program


 NEW website copy

Social Media monthly plan (12 posts)

Marketing editing for the content of the posts including correct use of hashtags

Summary of 12 months online campaigns

 Suggestions for smarter conversion funnels

Proposal for a smart diagram for automation 

Steps to preserve or improve

Marketing Strategy

for each platform

Content Ideas for

future creators



It's time to grow efficiently

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